Starburst Slots Review

NetEnt put a lot of work into making their slots game Starburst. It is a simple space themed game with shiny jewels and some bonus features. The game looks good, even the buttons match the theme. A simple looking slots game with a lot to offer? let us find out in this Starburst Slots review.

Starburst Theme

The game has a simple look it even reminds me of those gem games 2000s. Honestly, it reminds of Candy Crush, it is like can crush in space. So yeah, the symbols are jewels and the background is a bright look at the depths of space. This 10 payline slots game has 5 reels and 3 rows. It has a standard outer space sci-fi tune in the background that helps set the feel of the game. I really like the spin sound effect it has it makes things feel serious when it’s all fun really.

Buttons and Layout

Below the reels where all the jewels are is the buttons row. This section is neatly put together so I didn’t feel lost when I was playing. At the leftmost of the row is the information button that shows you how everything works. It is followed to the right by the bet display showing how much you wager per spin. You can adjust the level per spin and at the middle of the row is the spin button that starts the game.

On both sides of the spin button is the Autoplay and the Max Bet. Autoplay allows you to make up to 1000 uninterrupted spins. The max bet, on the other hand, spins the game at the biggest possible wager.  you can adjust the coin value as well. Lastly, there is a display of the coins you have left so you can track how much you have left to play with.

Specials and Paylines

As for the specials, this game has a wild symbol which is a multi-colored crystal star or flower. Once this wild shows up it can expand and take up the whole reel. This symbol appears on reels 2,3, and 4 and can replace the other symbols on the reels. This allows for more and bigger prizes.

Now, this game has 10 paylines and each of them is an interesting symmetrical pattern. What makes this game much better than a lot of other slots games though is that winning combination from both sides left to right and right to left. The biggest earners are the & symbol and the BAR symbol. The BAR can get between 50 and 250 coins. The 7 symbols get 25 to 120 coins. Then, the jewels earless and can win between 5 to 60 coins.

Conclusion for Starburst

Overall I think Starburst is a great game that gives players what they want. It is a simple slots game, it has a good theme that isn’t distracting, and the features are not confusing. If you just want to play a game with not much a hassle and just brings the entertainment factor, I think you should try playing with NetEnt’s Starburst.

If you miss the games like Zuma and Bejeweled. then Starburst is the slots game you need. It has a lot of callbacks to the old games of the early 2000s, but all the fun and excitement of a slots game. Know more in this online slots review.