Sea Hunter Slots Game Review

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Sea Hunter is a fishing game designed for slots players who are looking for a change of pace. It looks like a lot of those other fishing games in other online casinos. What makes this different from those games and other slots, is that it is a 3 reel and 3-row game. Get to know more about it in this review.

Graphic and design

This game looks really great. Taking its cues from fishing games it has a lot of classic fishing looks. There is a lot of brass and gold in this slots game. The buttons row is really nice to look at they even designed it to have some corals growing out of the pipes. The background is an ocean full of treasures and fishes swimming in the shadow.

Now, for symbols and the reel itself, they also stay true to the theme. The symbols include a bunch of well-colored sea creatures. These include jellyfish octopus, turtles, clownfish and a whole lot of others. Also, the opposite ends of the reels are lined with canons for the bonus features.

How to Play Sea Hunter Slots

Much like other slots game you just need to press the spin button. There are cannons on the side of the reels and consistent wins get you canon upgrades. The cannon hits to give you your bonus after the winning spin. The bonus at level 1 of the canon has the growth, level 2 has sticky shot, level 3 has the wild warhead, the last one is the Multiply Mortar.  Below is the description of these canons.

Special Canon Bonuses

When players win continuously, special items will appear.

Growth Gun: Takes 1 random symbol and improves it to the next symbol on the paytable

Sticky Shot: Shoots a symbol that becomes sticky for one free respin.

Wild Warhead: Fires 1 to 3 wilds onto the reels

Multiply Mortar: Guaranteed win free spin with a random multiplier of up to 15.

Symbols for Sea Hunter Slots Game

With a 3 row and 3 reel structure, the symbols and prize and structure are straightforward. Below are the symbol values for the game at a 1.50 bet:

  1. Killer whales are worth 22.50
  2. Octopus is worth 15.00
  3. Stingray is worth 9.00
  4. The sea turtle is worth 6.00
  5. Jellyfish worth 3.00
  6. Pufferfish worth 2.10
  7. Angelfish is worth 1.20
  8. Clownfish is worth 0.60

Buttons and menus

Below the reels are the buttons reels. On the leftmost is the INFORMATION button it is followed by the BALANCE display. After that there is the coin size adjustment from 0.05 to 100, then it has the SPIN and AUTOSPIN button.


Then there is a WILD symbol for the game. This symbol is a gold colored sea mine. It substitutes for all the other symbols in the game to help complete winning combinations.


As a combination of two popular types of games, this is a great game that gives a unique feel. It has a good range for coin size so it can be a big risk game or just a light time killer.  As a game, it is something I will play over and over. Plus It is a slots game that I will definitely recommend.