Koi Princess Slots

Koi Princess is an online slot game from NetEnt, which is inspired by manga cartoons. The game has 5 slots and 20 paylines. This slots game is a manga-inspired slots. If you don’t know the manga is the Japanese version of comic books and has been very popular since the late 18th century. Its popularity has seen it go from comics to animation, to tv shows, and even live action movies. Koi Princess takes a lot from these traditions. Some examples include the main character being a pretty young girl who is a world with weird monsters. In this review, we will see if this slots game is any good.

Koi Princess slots Theme

Yes, the game is inspired by manga and anime but really other the design of the girl and the setting not much of the game is very anime or manga like. The specials symbols have a more Chines feel to them. The same goes for the non-premium symbols which are just the 10, J, Q, K, and A stylized to fit the look of the game.

Nonetheless, the sound effects and background music is alright. Again not so anime but it works. I think that this game is okay. It’s like a combination of the anime style mixed with Chinese cultural themes that we can see thought the design choices and background image.


This slots game is a normal 3 row 5 reel slot game. it has 20 paylines of varying patterns for players to get some fun wins. Below the reels are the game buttons which are neatly arranged in a row. It starts with the INFORMATION button which has the basics of how the game is played. It is then followed by BET display then the LEVEL buttons which adjust your bet level. The

AUTOPLAY button lets you make up to 1000 uninterrupted spins and MAXBET lets you spin the reels at the highest possible bets. You can still adjust your bets with the COIN VALUE buttons (Coin value for the game is 0.01 to 1.0). Then there is the COINS display to track how much of money you have left to play with. Finally, the SPIN button is in the middle of the row and it allows you to spin the reels and start the game.

Symbol values For Koi Princess

This game has a standard set of premium and non-premium symbols. The premium symbols are the illustrated one like the Koi Princess, the orange lion, the green toad, the Coins, and the Wild. These symbols can win you between 20 to 500 coins. Also, the Wild is a bonus feature as it can also serve as a substitute for other symbols to complete wins.

The non-premium symbols are the simple A, K, Q, J, and 10 symbols that earn between5 to 160 coins.

Bonuses for Koi Princess

This game has 4 bonus features which can be triggered through collecting at least three of their symbols or the bonus wheel.

Sure Win Free Spins: You get 10 free spins that are guaranteed wins

Wild Reel Free Spins: You get 10 free Spins where reels will be randomly be occupied in full by Wilds

Bonus Wheel: Unlocks a wheel where the other bonuses are available for you to win

Coin Win: Wins Players an instant big Win

Final Thoughts

Overall, Koi Princess is a standard slots game that is made more fun than it should be because of its bonus prizes. This is a solid game that I think hit’s the middle ground of low risk and high stakes. The bet levels can even shift that for you alittle bit. Overall this is the kind of slots game i would reccomend and am in fact reccomending you to try.