Iron Man 2 Slots Review

Iron Man 2 สล็อต

With Iron Man 2 Playtech tried to make a hit slots game from a blockbuster movie. The game is of course based on the movie from the now super popular marvel cinematic universe. The question though is the game as good as the movie it is based on? Let us find out in this review.

How to Play the Game

The player starts by placing a coin bet worth from 0.1 to 5 in coin size and can play up to 10 coins per pay line. There are 25 paylines in the game, and there are 5 reels where the symbols will show up. As players, you need to make sure you have the right combination show up on the reels.

Ironman 2 Slots Theme

In terms of graphics and sound effects, Playtech put in a great effort to make them a real player attraction. Now, here are some of the symbols; Tony Stark, Iron Man’s blaster, the evil Ivan Vanko. and Natasha Romanoff, to name a few. What I think is great though is how the game used the androids from the movie as non-premium symbols.

Now sure the symbols look great. But, it is not one of the best looking games out there. For example, the look of the buttons row is very retro and not in a good way. Then there is how the symbols are meant to fill the whole reel which can look messy.  At least even though the game looks unpolished a bit, at least the sound is pretty good.

Symbol Values

Much like any other slots game, the size of the prize depends on the symbols that win it.  The biggest earner from the premium symbols is Tony Stark who can get you between 75 to 1000 coins. Black Widow gets 50 to 600 coins. Ivan Vanko earns a bit smaller at 50 to 400 coins. The smallest earning premium symbol is War Machine with 15 to 150 coins.

For non premium symbols, again they are represented by the different android of Justin Hammer from the movie. Each symbol looks really cool, they might even look better than the premium symbols. But all in all these symbols earn something between 5 to 100 coins.

Bonus Features

The slots game has a couple of great features that is a classic to a number of features. The WILD symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter. This is the biggest earning symbol in the game as it gets 10 to 3000 coins. The cool thing about the wild is that it can help complete payline wins and can even create more than just one win.

The scatter symbol is great as it also earns coins 1 to 100 actually. It also triggers free spins. These 10 free games come with increasing multiplier and extra wilds.

Final Thoughts on Iron Man 2 Slots

Like the movie, this slots game is promising but, there are just some parts that are not that great. Overall, it is still okay. Not my favorite game, but it is solid enough. If you want to play Iron man 2 slots game and more of Playtech’s other games check out the recommendations on