Forbidden Chamber slots Review

The Forbidden Chamber สล็อต

Slots games are pretty great as they can cover a whole bunch of themes. However, this is the internet so there will be some more adult-oriented games out there like the Forbidden Chamber slots game.

This is one of those games that you know is not for everyone when you open it. Even the icon of the show had some guy covered in beautiful women. But, this game may be inspired by an old story Jin Ping Mei that covers a mans many sexual exploits.

Theme for Forbidden Chamber

This slot game is designed to be in the red room filled with beautiful girls. One of the beautiful girls will kneel in front of the table to stare at you while you play the game. She will be like a goddess who comes to you with luck every time you spin. In that room, still under the flowers, lamps and dense curtains that surround the symbol, which the symbol consists of Lonely man, Jewelry box, secret key, dig tea water, vase, cherry blossom Three dazzling glamorous girls and cards, something more amazing than the graphics of the game, is a game feature that will keep you excited all the time.

Get Bonuses in the Room of Enjoyment

If you have 3 or more basket symbols then It will open the featured room of enjoyment for your bonus round immediately. At a point soon after you will have to choose to postpone 3 times and then there will be a secret passage for the main character of the slots Xi Men Qing.

Love Bonus Tools

If you get 3 whips, it will immediately open the Love Bonus tool. At this point, you will have to select 1 of the tools, then click on the screen to show the prize you will receive.

Free spins distribution

The cherry blossoms serve as the scatter symbol for the Forbidden Chamber slots game. Collect 3 to 5 of these and you will receive 10,15 or 20 free spins immediately.

Secret box

If you get the jewelry box symbol and secret key, regardless of which reel it is on, it will open a secret box and you will receive a special reward immediately.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that this slots game Forbidden Chamber is a pretty great slots game. It may not be for everyone with its adult themed concepts. Nonetheless, it is a good game with a lot of bonuses and a unique but likable theme. If you want an adult-themed slots game this is one for you to try.