Birds! online Slots Review

M88 สล็อตออนไลน์ - Bird! สล็อตแมชชีน

M88 has a wide library of slots games and some of their games can get weird and funky. But, Betsoft gaming might have the weirdest and funkiest game with their slots Birds! It is a great online slots game that looks like it should be part of a kid’s animated movie. Let us get to know more about it now in this online review of the Betsoft offering.

Slots Theme

This game has a cartoony theme with round birds perching onto electric cables. When you click on the spin button the birds fly away to make way for more birds. Each bird has a cute design that feels straight out of a toy store. To add to this cute look the background music is a silly tune that works well with the birds.

The game reels are cleverly designed to fit the look and feel. Each row is marked by an electric cable on which the birds can land on. This also goes well with the background of the game as it is a snapshot of a city street on a day that is not too busy. Each of the birds on the game is uniquely designed each with their own quirky personality.

Gameplay for Birds! Slots game

This game is a lot different from other slot games in that instead of paylines it has a certain combination to make wins. Get 3 of the same birds in a horizontal line, vertical line, or an L shape and you are awarded a win. Now each bird has a win value so be sure to check the games payout page for that.  Now, once you have a win you can gamble it in a double or nothing game called Double Up. This game also features consecutive wins as birds that won you money fly away to make room for new birds and a possible new winning combo.

Birds! Bonus Features

The game has a couple of bonus features that are common to slots games. But they managed to put in a twist or two. The wild acts like any other wild in a slots game. It substitutes for all other symbols to help complete a win. The free spins feature is a bit different as it is triggered by consecutive wins. You get 8 free spins with 4 consecutive wins. You can get way over 20 free spins with this feature too because more free spins can be added as you are playing the free rounds.

Birds! Slots Layout

The game may have made a lot of changes to the usual slots structure but it does keep some key elements the same. for example, the reels still occupy the middle of the screen. The left side of the reels has the counter for the free spins, then under the reels are the buttons row.

The buttons row has the coin adjustment, bet level, max bet, autoplay and SPIN buttons. All the buttons you need to play are at the bottom of the reels. Meanwhile, at the top corners of the reels are the options to adjust things like sound and video quality. On the opposite end is the pays button which shows the basics of how the game works.

Final thoughts on Birds! Online Slots

Alright, so I have to admit if I am just looking for a unique type of slots game Birds! by Betsoft is something I would recommend. The problem is that it does not have much big money opportunities. Yes, it has collapsible wins but without multipliers, the wins are not too exciting.

Still, it makes for fun. MOney makers might not like this too much. But, I think gamers will get a kick out of this unique game. I mean for a few spins it is worth a try. It looks great and plays well. It’s a pretty decent game it just has setbacks.