Basketball Online Slots Review

Slot type video
Slot reels/ Paylines 5 20
Coins range 0.5 10
Min/Max bet 10 20000
Free Spins yes
Bonus Features no
Game Developer EvoPlay

If you go into any casino you will notice that there are a lot of different slots games. These games may all be slots but, these games too are very different because of the themes they are able to use. Slots are a blank canvass, that’s just how it is. I mean if you put into consideration the simplicity of a slots game it really does open it up for multiple creative versions. We have seen space themed slots, car-themed slots, and so much more. There are even slots that are centered around sports. The most popular sport that I have seen slots utilize is football. That makes sense as it is the most popular sport in the world. But, it’s not the only super popular sport in the world. There is also the great game of basketball. It may not have as many slots games made after it but we are looking at one today. This is our online review of Basketball from Evoplay. We will look at how the game looks, plays and all that, then tell you if it’s worth your time to try it.


To start the review we will look at the theme for Basketball and how that affects the game. The theme is the titular sport itself and it is very apparent in the design. The game is set and an angled perspective of the court. You can see the lights flashing and the fans going up in excitement. To the middle of the game’s screen are the reels filled with symbols that look like logos from different basketball teams. To round it all off the game is great it has a similar vibe to the hip-hop song Basketball by Kurtis Blow. The whole incorporation of the theme for this game is fantastic it captures the vibe of other basketball video games I‘ve seen before. Since that’s the name of the game I think  that it is pretty good.

Buttons and Layout

Moving on from the theme we will look at the games layout. The game made great use of it’s theme as we said. This is helped by the fact that they kept the layout simple. Putting the focus on the reels they have it straight in the middle. They stuck to a standard format of 5 reels and 3 rows. To match the standard format, it too has a standard set of paylines.  The 20 paylines for the game are the arrangements symbols have to be in to win.Then they chose to let the background image speak for itself and not add any sort of rules or stuff like that. But, outside of all this there still needs to be ways for bets to be adjusted, and stuff like that. Basically, there still has to be buttons to control the game and help the player. So let us now discuss the buttons you have with this game.

Let us start with the SPIN button found on the right side at the bottom of the reels. You start the game by clicking it and it will spin the reels. To the left of it is the AUTOSPIN button. What it does is it lets you spin the reels with no interruptions. But, it does not have limits so you have to press stop when you’re done with it. To the left of that button, there is MAXBET. Basically, it spins the reels at the maximum bet, that is 20000 for this game. In the middle of this row of buttons is a wide display. Now the display is to show you how much you have won on a given spin. Following that to the left is the COIN adjustment. It lets you change the number of coins per payline. The smallest is 0.5 coin per line, the biggest is 10 per line. Then next to it is the BET which adjusts how much the bet is. But, be warned that it is pre-multiplied for the number of paylines in the game. It can go from 1(20) to 1000(2000). Then finally at the leftmost of the row is the information button. Marked by the letter “i” it has the content that players will need to get the basics of the game. It has paylines, feature explanation, and symbol values.


If the background is any indication then the game symbols are going to be great, and they are. The premium symbols are designed to look like basketball logos. Some even calling back to actual popular teams. For example, the R symbol looks like the logo of the Houston Rockets. Also, it earns up to 500 coins. Then the two biggest earning symbols in the game look like the logo for the Miami Heat, and the Chicago Bulls.  These symbols can earn up to 888 coins. The non-premium symbols look pretty decent as well. They are all basketball jerseys basically. The smallest earning symbols are able to earn up to 100 coins. Now that we are done with the symbols we move on to the specials.


Specials are a part of most slots games, but some tend to be really complicated and annoying. Fortunately, EvoPlay’s Basketball is not like that. It has a WILD feature which basically substitutes for other symbols in the game except for the SCATTER. Then, when these wilds are not played they become sticky and activates a respin. The symbol itself earns up to 888x coins. The SCATTER symbol triggers the free spins. Just get three of them for you 8 free spins.

Conclusion for Basketball

Now that we have gone though the game, here are my thoughts. Despite the simplicity, it is a pretty well-made game. The specials are pretty simple but the added respin on the WILD is actually pretty great. I don’t see much basketball based slots games so it’s cool that this one is a good game, in my opinion, a little on the simpler side but still a 4 out of 5 from me. You should try out EvoPlay’s Basketball.