Legend Of Xiaolin Online Slots Review

Slot type Video
Slot reels/ Paylines 5 9
Coins range 1 200
Min/Max bet 4.5 18000
Free Spins yes
Bonus Features Scatter Wild
Game Developer

Slots have been there for a while. They are also everywhere in casinos across different platforms. If you have been playing slots for a while you will notice that a lot of slots games use the Chinese culture as a theme. Slots games that would use this usually focus on one aspect of the culture. That aspect is luck. The Chinese have a long storied fascination with luck, they have a lot of superstition regarding it. These have bled into other cultures especially the Chinese Zodiac and Feng shui. What we tend to forget however is that Chinese culture is very rich, and there are a lot more to explore on there. With Legend of Xiaolin from Evoplay, we look at this unique segment of what makes China special. It’s time to review this interesting game and give you a final verdict if it’s worth playing or not.

Legend Of Xiaolin Online Slots Review

What you get From Legend of Xiaolin Slots

As the title suggests the game is all about the Xiaolin. However, there is a common misconception about the Xiaolin. Most other people know them as some sort of super badass martial artists. Shaolin is actually a place in China, which has monks notably occupying it. The fighting and everything comes from the style of kung fu that was associated there. Now, the game is pretty good at using the theme to make an interesting slots game.

The game screen is fantastic because it shows looks more like a scene. The main element is the temple which also holds the reels. Beside each pillar is a Shaolin monk who recreates a pose anytime you win. The symbols in the game make use of traditional weapons these monks have as non-premium symbols. Meanwhile, the premium symbols are more about the monks. Aside from being visually stunning the games sound actually works well with how everything else looks.

Being that this is a slots game it makes sense that the reels take the center stage. Everything else around it as we covered in the theme is pretty good. The reels themselves follow 3 rows and 5 reels as a format. But, there is more to slots games than reels. You still need to spin them, adjust bets and all that. Let us go through the game buttons shall we.

INFO, this is marked by a letter “i” it contains the basic info that players need to play the game like the paylines, symbol values and such. BET, this adjusts for how many coins you bet on a payline. COIN, this button adjusts how much a single coin is worth in the game it can be as small as 0.5 per coin or as big as 10. WIN display, it shows how much you have won on a given spin.MAX BET, the button which allows you to spin at the highest wager which is 18000. AUTOSPIN, it allows players make uninterrupted spins, the only control is the stop button that replaces the spin in this mode. The SPIN Starts the game by spinning the reels

So before we move to the next section we need to discuss paylines. These are basically how your similar symbols have to fall in to make a winning combination. These paylines are pretty normal or what one would expect for a slots game. We have them below for you, however, to help you be more familiar with them.


Legend Of Xiaolin Online Slots Review

Now we talk about the symbols in this game. So, we already touched on this when we were talking about the theme earlier. But, just to highlight their good work I like how they differentiated the premium and non-premium symbols. Most other games would have them be actual things from the theme as premium symbols. Then the non-premium symbols are alphanumeric symbols. But, here they made the non-premium symbols be the weapons the monks will use. Then the premium symbols are the monks and themselves as well as important items for them. There is a clear difference between the premium and non premium in terms of what they win. Here are their payouts.


Legend Of Xiaolin Online Slots Review

The trend for slots game these days now have special features. If nothing else they are added fun and put some more depth into your slots gaming experience. Below we have the special features  for Legend of Xiaolin by Evoplay

Wild: This symbol substitute for other symbols in the game except the scatter. This symbol earns on it’s own as well even up to 9000 coins.

Scatter: This is a symbol that can appear on any reels. It triggers 10 free spins when it appears. It can also compound multiplier features in the game.

Conclusion for Legend of Xiaolin

Having Gone through the game here are my thoughts. It is actually pretty good I think. Just making a few spins and you will see the amount of thought they put into it. I love the added animation and the whole design approach for the whole game. The payouts are pretty solid too, plus the special features are solid. I think that this game is definitely worth a try, and I rate it a 4 out of 5. You should definitely Give it a try right now.