Chinese New Year Online Slots Review

Slot type Video
Slot reels/ Paylines 5 25
Coins range 1 100
Min/Max bet 12.5 25000
Free Spins no
Bonus Features Wild Multiplier Meter
Game Developer EvoPlay

Slots makers can get a lot of inspiration from a lot of things. The Chinese culture is a fantastic well of inspiration for these makers. We have seen a lot of games with golden coins, golden dragons and gold everything. Plus these games are full of the number 8. With how much luck is part of their lifestyles it is not a surprise that an industry so rooted in luck would make use of that. So that in mind, we will review a slots game from this train of thought and that is Evoplays Chinese New Year. This review is to help you get an idea of what you can expect, and if you should try it or not. Let’s get started.

Introduction for Chinese New Year by EvoPlay

Chinese New Year Online Slots Review

One reason I think slots connect so much with Chinese cultures is the “luck” connection. When it comes to luck and the Chinese, there are a lot of ways to approach and channel this as a theme. Now I like how they went with Chinese new year for this one. So to get a picture of how everything is everything is red.  Buildings, lanterns, and dragons in the games are mostly red. I don’t know which village has the funds to be this red, but yeah this game takes place in all red village. The game has no huge fireworks but everything is decked out for a new years celebration. Also, that soundtrack is fantastic. It is lovely, charming, and just fun. We will more about it in the symbols. This is just a really fun and over the top game theme wise.

It’s a slots game. That basically means reels in the center. The reels are filled with some great looking symbols. But, something that is really eye catching or things that are eye-catching are three dragons around the game. Two of them are on the corners of the reels. The last and biggest of all the dragons on the right side of the screen. A cool decorative addition is the little animation of the lanterns swinging in the wind. For a better context, the game’s reels are 3×5. It has 3 rows and 5 reels. As cool as these are though we have the buttons for the game too. These buttons are to help you the player adjust bets make spins and all that. Let’s Talk about the buttons now.

The INFO is denoted by the letter “i” this contains the basic info of what players need to play the game like the paylines, symbol values, and features. BET, it  lets you to change how many coins you bet on a payline we can go from 1 coin per line to 100 coins per line. However, the game has 25 paylines. The COIN button adjusts how much a single coin is worth in the game it can be as small as 0.5 per coin or as big as 10. With how the BET words any coin value is multiplied by 25 already for the number of paylines in the game. Next up is the WIN, it shows how much you have won on a given spin. Then, there is the MAX BET which allows you to spin at the highest wager which is 25000. After that is AUTOSPIN it lets players make uninterrupted spins, the only control is the stop button that replaces the spin in this mode. Finally, SPIN starts the game by spinning the reels by 25

Chinese New Year has 25 paylines. Coins are immediately multiplied by this number of paylines. Now with 25 paylines there are so much possible combinations. For those who don’t know paylines are basically the patterns in which the symbols have to be in for them to win. Below are the games paylines to give you a better idea.

Symbol for Chinese New Year

As we said earlier we will discuss the games symbols now. With everything around the reels look like it’s celebrating Chinese New Year the things inside the reels will help you celebrate it while you are winning money. For example the biggest earner is the red dragon mask that can get up to 700 coins. But, even something as small but as yummy as a plate of dumplings can win you up to 50 coins. In any slots games, there are three kinds of symbols first are the specials which are related to the special f


eatures of the game. Then the premium symbols are the bigger earning symbols. Then the non-premium symbols earn less. To demark the last two, premium symbols are framed in yellow. Then, the non-premium symbols are in red. We have the values below for your reference.

Chinese New Year Online Slots Review

Chinese New Year Online Slots Review Chinese New Year Online Slots Review


With the symbols out of the way we have the specials to talk about now.Evoplay’s Chinese New Year has a wild symbol and a multiplier meter. The WILD is a great symbol as it completes almost winning combinations by substituting for the other symbols in the game. The WILD is symbolized by a wheel of the animals on the Chinese Zodiac. There is another feature for this game which is the Magic Multiplier. So how it works is basically when you get consecutive wins the multiplier goes up. It goes from x2 multiplier to an x32 multiplier over 5 consecutive wins. Despite their simplicity I think that it’s pretty cool what these specials have to offer.


So we have gone through the whole game. It is fun if anything it is over the top fun. The colors are crazy and all that. The betting range is so wide but I like that it can start really small and then be crazy big. This opens the game to enjoyed by a wide range of players. The specials are really minimal but they do add more excitement. Overall I think it’s pretty cool, I rate it 3.5 out of 5 and you should try Evoplays Chinese New Year Out. It’s over the top crazy fun you can enjoy.