Money and Gambling in Australia

Is gambling viable as an investment in Australia? With gambling, and how people approach it. It can be seen as if people are doing business deals. If you are familiar with the stock exchange and stock trading it’s kind of like that. People would look at things like sports betting for example. The players would take a lot of time, effort, and energy. What they would do is really like stock trading. They would follow trends. Then, they would look at the stats of both players and teams, and even the stats within the league. Now as a legitimate casino we take pride in conducting business in such a way that help plyers with this kind approach to their gambling. You don’t just look at the stats on your own. We also have them for you. So, it really is like day trading stocks as there are charts of trends and all that. We know that these are the kind of money games that require attention to detail so we try to cover that as well.

There are still other things that players treat like investments in the casino world. One is poker. Now that is really interesting as poker is not only treated like an investment by the players who do play it, but the world almost sees it as a sport. I mean they even have a world series of poker. Now, the players who do this really do invest as you have to put in a certain amount to play. Then, it is impossible to always win each hand so you have to be careful with it. But, the cool thing is that despite losses proper betting and stuff like that gets you a really big win. So yeah even the ups and downs of all that makes the money really look like an investment.

One last aspect to look at is what you are spending on when you are gambling. There are things like health insurance. These are legitimate things that basically help you with your medical expenses should anything happen to you. You pay for it on a monthly basis and you get benefits from it. But, these insurances have so many rules around them. For example, Bigger discounts dependent on hospitals or something like that. So, it is not really a sure thing. Also, you are not sure if you will get into any health trouble within the time you are paying your insurance. So that too is a gamble. I mean sure if you get into an accident within the two years you are insured you reap the benefits. But, if you’re perfectly fine in that window then you kind of just wasted your money. Gambling is like that, you wager an amount to see if you can win the prize. If you win then good, if you lose then you also lose money. So yeah money games or money in gambling is just that, a gamble. But, it is not so different from a lot of things around.

How wealthy is Australia?

Australia is considered a wealthy country. But, just how wealthy is it? Well as of 2017 it ended up with a GDP of 1.69 trillion AUD. The economy is comprised mostly of people from the service sector with 61.1%. Within the Labor Force they have 12.9% in the health and social assistance field. Construction has 9.1% of the force. Information media, and utilities each account for about 1%.

What is the average income in Australia?

For the second quarter of the year, the average yearly salary for a full time employee within Australia is 82,436 AUD. If we add to that the part time workers it goes down to about 62,000 AUD. But, those are the averages. The median or middle ground of the salaries in the country is at about 55,000 AUD. This is an important number to note as there are still big differences in wages.

5 Ways to Make Money in Australia

Right before we get to the list just now that this is in no particular order. We look at the jobs closer to the entry level position just because to give you a good idea of what you can earn starting in these fields a little bit.

1. nformation media and Telco

With the internet being such an integral part of life now this can be a very lucrative field. According to statistics this has one of the highest annual incomes. the annual Average for this field is 102, 278 AUD.

2. Electricity, Gas, and Water Services.

Another good job is one from the utilities field. Everyone will need help with their water services, power and all that so there is a consistent demand for it too. The good thing about the consistent demand is that there is also a consistent pay. This year the Average annual income for this field is 98, 878 AUD

3. Educators

Just like utilities there is a sustained demand for teachers. Education is a primary part of any life; thus, educator is a profession that will always be in demand. In Australia people in this field, even those who are in training can earn about 94,375 AUD.

4. Construction

Another good field to get into is construction. Buildings are always being made, renovated, and the like. An Average annual salary in that field is 73,523 AUD. But, a good position in this field is to be a construction manager which nets an annual of 123,504 AUD.

5. Mining

This is a more challenging profession but it is also the biggest earning in the country. The average annual income in the industry is 137,660 AUD. The field has a wide range of jobs from the ones that need intense physical labor or a degree in geology or stuff like that.

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