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If you want to play your favorite casino games it can be hard now, especially with how hectic everything can get. Sometimes we just don’t get the time to go tour our favorite casino and play. Well, the interesting thing about the 21st century is that our casinos go to us instead. With mobile accessibility online casinos are no longer just something you enjoy from the comfort of home, you can take it anywhere. The only issue now is to know who to pick to play with. That is where casino reviews come in. We go through these casinos see what they have to offer and tell you if they are a good choice or not.

Why Should you Play with 188bet?

Let us start this review by getting to know this online casino we will play with. Your odds playing with them is up to 20% higher than with those who offer betting exchange (after you’ve paid commission on your winnings). This gives you the following benefits; no need to wait for your bid or offer to be matched. As well as, higher and earlier liquidity off, so you can place better bets. To add to that, they are in-play specialists who offer an average of 10,000 live games for in-play betting per month. More than sports betting they also have Live Casino games for players as well as other casino activities. But, this is all just an overview so we will look at each of the activities that they offer players and more. Before we move on to the next sections it is good for us to know that they operate under the Jurisdiction of the Isle of Man.


Enjoy a lot more casino Experiences with

We have taken a look at some of the bonuses and the key feature of the site. But, let us look at what else they offer. For one there are the Live casino games. Now, if you open the site you will see that they have a number of suites. Each Live Casino suite has games that they are assigned to. For example, the Grand Suite has Baccarat, Super 6 Baccarat, Sic Bo, and roulette. Meanwhile, the Oriental Suite will have Bull Fight or Boiler, 3 Cards, and Dragon Tiger.
Aside from that, there are also slots games. In their library are games like Big Bad Wolf, Playboy Online Slot, and 3 Hit Pay. But those are the just Slots game titles. There are also table games like Single Deck Blackjack and Baccarat Zero Commission. As if those were not enough there is also Keno and Lottery on the site.

200% Bonus

Of course, when playing in a casino, things are more fun when you play with real money. The question is how do you deposit money with them. For Thai accounts, you can choose from Skrill, Neteller, or Local Bank Transfers. Skrill has the biggest and smallest amounts with a minimum deposit of 200 baht and a max deposit of 400,000 baht. There are no fees and the processing should be instant. It is also available through Mobile.
Now that we talked about deposits we have to talk about withdrawals as well. For the options are Local Bank Transfers and Skrill. For both options, there are no fees, and the processing time is about 2 Hours. They are also available for mobile. Now, depending on your payment option there are different steps to do them. But, you can access them through the sites FAQ page.

Deposit Bonus

Claiming your First Bonus

For this month has a special promotion for their players. For your first deposit, they will award you a 100% of the initial amount of up to 1000 baht. The turnover for this promotion is 15x. But there are other rules and conditions surrounding this promotion which we must follow. Below are some of them.

1. General Terms and Conditions of Promotion (“Promotion”) is provided by Cube Limited for use on the Website. (“188BET”)
2. Bonus, winnings generated by the bonus. Or bonuses published on any specific promotion page. Players can not transfer their rights to another player account. (For example: first deposit bonus / monthly deposit bonus / free bet / free spins) (Or any other bonus) (“bonus”) and the bonus consideration given to any player is exclusive to the team.
3. Players may be requested to verify their identity at any time during the promotion period. Players are required to cooperate in the delivery of the documents as soon as they are notified. This document is subject to the terms and conditions of the Terms and Conditions.
4. Promotion account per one player, phone number, access number (mobile, computer), transaction account (ATM, debit card, credit card, etc.), IP address, Shared computer As in the library Or at work And to be eligible for the team to accept / reject / cancel. Join the promotion without prior notice. The cause of the above mentioned.
5. Reserve one betting account strictly. If you find a player using more than one betting account to join the promotion. We will disqualify you and proceed with the account to refund the bonus or winnings from that bonus.

Sports Book Bonus

With the site being focused on Sports Betting you get a comprehensive sportsbook that offers more than just the major leagues of your favorite sports. More than that you also get to wager on E-sports. But, let us talk more about the sportsbook of the site. The sports betting page of the site is actually pretty good. It is comprehensive, well organized if not a bit too crowded. Now, we said that there a lot of sports that are available to bet on in the site and that is true. You can bet on multiple leagues for basketball, Football, Tennis, MMA, Rugby, Snooker, Ice hockey and more. They even have an info center for the rules of the sport. Also a tab for the results of the matches. Needless to say this is a site that takes it’s sports bets seriously.

Now, for the faithful sports betting enthusiasts, you get a special treat this month. Get up to 0.38% rebate on your total wager. You also get a 7.6% Extra bonus rewards. Below are some of the terms and conditions for the promotional bonus:

1. The Promotion is open to 188BET members who fulfill the following requirements (qualified) :
1. Picked THB as their preferred currency,
2. Made at least one (1) successful bet on 188BET Sportsbook during the Promotion Week of the Promotion Period (“Qualifying Bet”),
3. Only bets on 188BET Sportsbook that generate a win/loss return will qualify for this Promotion. Draw bets, canceled or void bets, bets on odds less than Euro 1.75 or Asia 0.75 and bets on both even-chances during a single game will not count towards this Promotion.

2. The Qualified Member is required to click on the “JOIN NOW” button within the Promotion-Specific Terms and Conditions page upon login to their 188BET account to participate in the Promotion during the Promotion Period.

3. Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria set out above, participation in the Promotion will entitle the Qualified Member to earn stake rewards (“Stake Reward”), as illustrated below:
1. Stake rewards are based on up to 0.38% of the Qualified Member’s accumulated Qualifying Bet amount every Promotion Week during the Promotion Period (“Weekly Stake Reward”). The Weekly Stake Reward Tier will change according to the number of consecutive months of placing the Qualifying Bet (“Promotion Month”), as illustrated in the table below:

Number of consecutive Promotion Months
Weekly Stake Reward
Weekly Stake Reward Tier Weekly Stake Reward Percentage
1 Promotion Month 1 0.18%
2 consecutive Promotion Months 2 0.28%
Between 3 and 5 consecutive Promotion Months 3 0.38%

***For example: Qualified Member A has placed an accumulated Qualifying Bet amount of THB 100,000 during the first Promotion Week since joining the Promotion. Therefore, Qualified Member A would be rewarded with a Weekly Stake Reward, as calculated below:
Weekly Stake Reward = THB 100,000 x 0.18% = THB 180
B. Extra bonus rewards are based on up to 7.6% of the Qualified Member’s Weekly Stake Reward, as set out in clause 5.a. above, every Promotion Week of the Promotion Period (“Extra Bonus Reward”). The Extra Bonus Reward Tier will change according to the number of consecutive Promotion Months, as illustrated in the table below:

Number of consecutive Promotion Months
Extra Bonus Reward
Extra Bonus Reward Tier Extra Bonus Reward Percentage
Between 6 and 8 consecutive Promotion Months 4.1 3.60%
Between 9 and 11 consecutive Promotion Months 4.2 5.60%
12 consecutive Promotion Months or more 4.3 7.60%

***For example: Qualified Member A has wagered on 188BET Sportsbook for 12 consecutive Promotion Months since joining the Promotion, and has placed an accumulated Qualifying Bet amount of THB 200,000during the Promotion Week. Qualified Member A would be rewarded with a total Stake Reward, as calculated below:
Weekly Stake Reward = THB 200,000 x 0.38% = THB 760
Extra Bonus Reward = THB 760 x 7.60% = THB 57.76
Total Stake Reward = THB 760 + THB 57.76 = THB 817.76

Customer Support

Of all the online casinos I have Checked out, 188bet has one of the better-looking FAQ pages I have seen. I like how many questions they try to answer on the page. For new players, this is very helpful as it is an easily accessible page with a lot of answers to their questions. They are also pretty generous with ways to contact them. All you have to do is to scroll to the bottom of the page. Plus They have a live chat feature so you can talk to someone when the FAQ does not have the info you need.

Final Thoughts on

  • As a sports betting site this is a good option for any sports fan. They have a comprehensive sportsbook. Plus, they have bonuses for sports betting specifically.
  • Bonuses come with their terms and conditions. This kind of transparency is well appreciated that way players will get the info about the promotions upfront. Also, the bonuses look good, and certainly more what other casinos offer.
  • The site felt a bit too crowded for my taste. It can get daunting to navigate through so many clickables.
  • The variety of activities they offer their players is pretty great as well. I like how there are more than just slots as an activity outside of sports betting on the site.
  • Really Impressed by their customer support. The FAQ page is super in-depth. The other customer support info is commendable too.
  • 9 out of 10 rating.