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Getting to know

Online casinos are great destinations for you to have fun and maybe, just maybe, make some money. But, there are a lot of online casinos out there. There are casinos who focus on slots, then their others who focus on live dealers and those are just two examples. Anyway, today we are doing another online casino review to help you get more info and maybe help you choose which casino to play with. Let us get started with Our review for the online casino

Getting to know

Now before we play Let us get to know who this operator is. To start it operates under the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man. It is a type of online casinos that have a bit of anything for everyone. But, when you open the site a key thing you will notice that it has a bit more focus on sports betting. But, before we get into it let us just look at the site’s design. I just wanted to take this time comment on how good the site looks. It is simple and it allows for players to have an easier to navigate through things. Most of the mage is seen without scrolling down and that is a cool thing especially since a lot of slots games have too much happened that it becomes really distracting. Yeah, I just like the simple design as it makes things easier for players. Also, that kind of design is much better looking than a messed up cluster of Gold, number, and promotions. Enough of that let us look at what the site has to offer.


Now one thing that you will notice for almost all online casinos is that they have, or they will always have bonuses ready for their players. Now I understand how some people can be wary of bonuses. But, really they are just more money you get by playing with a certain casino. All you need to do is make sure you understood the terms and conditions and you should be fine. Let us look at some of’s bonuses.

200% Bonus

Enjoy a 200% First Time Deposit Bonus for Slots Games:

Now to get this bonus you need to register and make a deposit, a first deposit can be as low as 250 baht. After depositing money and finalized successfully. Transfer money from the main account to the desired slot club and enter your chosen bonus code. You will get a 200% bonus and enjoy your favorite slot games.

club Bonus Code Bonus Minimum bonus Maximum bonus
Tyche th200ty 200% 500 13,888
TGP th200tgp 200% 500 13,888
PT th200pt 200% 500 13,888
TTG th200ttg 200% 500 13,888
QF th200qf 200% 500 13,888
Join Games th200jg 200% 500 13,888
Playson th200ps 200% 500 13,888

Now as we said there are terms and conditions to these bonuses and here are a few.
1. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
2. You can obtain a promotion was only one time per account.
3. The bonus will expire within 30 days from the date of receipt. If not used

Deposit Bonus

Get a 200% Sports betting bonus of up to 3,000 baht.

Just like the other bonus you need to have an account with the site and deposit money with them. Now once that is done you just a lot the deposit towards the sports bet. Then you enter this bonus code: thfdb200sb to enjoy your 200% bonus. Also, below are some of the terms and conditions for this promotion:

It can’t be combined with other promotions
A minimum deposit of 250 baht is needed to qualify for this
The bonus will expire 30 days from receipt if not used.


Enjoy Slots, Sports and More with

As we said online casinos can choose to focus on one or more activities to offer their players. In this case, we can see 2 main focus by this online casino. So first things first, Sports Betting. NOw, with this site, you can bet on a lot of things. Their sportsbook is very comprehensive. What I mean is that it is not just limited to big leagues. If you want football it is not just the premier league you can bet on. They have other international matches and even local tournaments you can bet on. It’s not just football too. You can wager on basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, badminton, and many more. This is a good destination for the tried and true sports fan who is looking for a bigger thrill. But, there is still more than that. They even allow bet for e-sports. Lastly, they also have virtual sports open for betting like Virtual Basketball.

Outside of the sports betting realm they also have live dealer games. But, they have more than one provider so you can choose which ones you want to play with. There is Gold deluxe, Asia Gaming, and sunset just to name a few of the providers with Asian dealers. But, there is also the more European dealers from Evolution gaming. You even have access to poker games on this site.

Now outside of all of this, they have slots games. These are probably the most popular games in online casinos. They have games from a lot of providers. There are games from the likes of Playtech, TopTrend Gaming, and Quickfire which is powered by Microgaming. Below are some samples:

Sumo Spins by Red Tiger

This is a fun and interesting slots game that makes use of the traditional Japanese combat sport of sumo wrestling. Powered by Red Tiger gaming it is a fun game that makes use of an interesting theme. It is a 5 reel game with 4 rows that can win you up to 1000x Coins. It has a good number of specials using the sumo wrestlers too along with 40 paylines.

Highway Kings by Playtech

Another fun slots game by Playtech it follows a more simple approach in terms of style and design. It follows a standard of having 5 reels, and 3 rows, plus a modest 9 paylines. Despite that, the games manage to stay exciting by using specials such as the wild and scatter.


Payment Options with

To get things started you need to have an account with the site. From there just open your account. Look for the PAYMENTS menu. Then Choose to WITHDRAW or DEPOSIT. Now it is of note that if you choose to deposit with one method, you will also have to withdraw using that method. Now for your withdrawal to reflect on your online banking option it can take between 3 hours or 3 days. But, a good thing about is the number of options to do banking with them, there is MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and Visa.

Customer Support

The site has a Frequently Asked Questions page, but there is not enough info there at least in my opinion. Still, there are enough to help a newer player get started. But, they do have a few more ways to be in contact with their players. One is their online chat support. Another is the number of the Free call for customer support and the email address. Both of the last two can be found on the homepage.


Having gone through most of the site I think I have enough to make a final verdict. Now just a heads up before reviewing this I read other feedback of the site and they are mostly positive. I can see why the site looks good and there is actual variety to what you can do with them. They may not have a wide gaming library but the games they have come from some well-respected providers, and the games are actually fun to play. So with that in mind, I think it is safe to say that it is a good online casino. It may not be to my taste b, but I can see why it is popular. I rate it a 3.5 out of 5.

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